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    DNA as the heritable material of the cell

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    A. What is your evidence that DNA is the genetic molecule of heredity?

    b. The Human Genome Project began with two goals: to know the sequence of genes on all the human chromosomes and to know the sequence of bases on all the human chromosomes. With this, individuals with genetic defects could have proper treatment.

    Previously, the Human Genome Project was done by government sponsored labs but now pharmaceutical companies want to sponsor specific researchers because they hope to get a head start on possible drug remedies for genetic illnesses.

    Now, we know the sequence of all the bases in the DNA of all our chromosomes.

    What benefits would you predict could result from this knowledge?
    Do you believe the costs for this type of research outweighs the benefits? Why or why not?

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    a. What is your evidence that DNA is the genetic molecule of heredity?

    ->The evidence that DNA is the molecule of genetic experiments stems from experiments done by Hershey and Chase in 1952. In these experiments they labeled protein and RNA with different radioactive isotopes to track the production and reinfection of bacteriophaes. They found that it was the P32 labeled DNA that was being transfered and not the S35 labeled ...