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    The chromosome number of stage E

    STUDY FIGURE 16-2. Then, in the space at the left, write the letter of the terms or phrase that correctly answers each question or best completes each statement. -The chromosome number of stage E is haploid is diploid is alike for all different species cannot be determined -The chromosome number of st

    Mendelian problems

    1. A short-tailed mutant of mouse was discovered. Multiple crosses of this mouse to normal mice produced 27 normal, long-talied mice and 25 short-tailed mice. A series of crosses among short tailed mice were made and 21 short-tailed mice and 11 long-tailed mice were produced. Determine which phenotype is dominant and explain

    Genetic Mitosis & Meiosis

    1) According to the Law of Segregation, in an organism with the genotype AaBb what types of gametes will be formed? AB Ab aB ab 2) In garden peas, the allele for tall plants is dominant over the allele for short plants. A true-breeding tall plant is crossed with a short plant and one of their offspring is self-pollina

    DNA and Heredity

    The Planning ,Research and Development , Corp. is seeking grant money to continue their investigation on the relationship between DNA and heredity. You want to apply for the grant money to continue your internship research project . You thought it would help your case if you research projects w

    ABO and Allele Frequency

    In a particular random mating population, the frequency of the O allele of the ABO blood group system is .6, the frequency of A is .3, and the frequency of B is .1. a) If a type O man and a type A woman produce a child, what is the probability it will be type O? b) If their first child is type O, what is the probability t


    Kruppel and giant are 2 gap genes in drosophila for which the maternal effect gene bicoid serves as a transcriptional activator. Bicoid protein is present in an concentration gradient in the drosophila embryo, with the highest levels at the anterior end and progressively lower levels as one moves toward the posterior pole. a)

    Genetic / Evolution in the Last Century

    Early in the last century, English physician Archibald Garrod noticed that about half the albinos he saw in the course of his practice were the children of first cousins who had married each other. In almost all of the cases of albinism that he saw, whether or not the parents were related to each other, both of the parents were

    Evolution of Man

    So we are 98% genetically the same as apes. How do we know this, how is this possible, and what theories/laws does this support?

    Genes to Protein

    What is the sequence of events that takes place to go from gene to protein. I know there is a set of nucleic acids involved in this process. Identify these nucleic acids and explain their function in the process.

    Sicle Cell Anemia

    I am reading that sickle-cell anemia is a disease that is genetically prevalent in populations of African and middle eastern decent. How is it that a parent can have the disease and not the offspring and vice versa? Can you provide simple to understand websites for me to continue research on this topic?

    Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering

    Biotechnology and genetic engineering is changing rapidly. Do you think this pace is safe? Why or why not? What are your thoughts on cloning, genetic screening and manipulation? Can you explain your stand briefly and also provide me with a couple of references that I can use for better understanding? I need websites and verbiag


    Briefly describe the purpose of the following features found in all or many plasmid cloning vectors. a) origin of replication (ori) b) multiple cloning site (polylinker) c) antibiotic resistane gene

    Gene insertion through transgenic technology

    In order to study the function of a gene you have cloned in the mouse, you decide to inactivate it using transgenic technology. Using recombinant DNA techniques, you construct a modified version of the cloned gene by introducing an antibiotic resistance gene into middle of it. Into what kind of cells you will need to introduc

    Calculate base pairs (Dna fingerprinting)

    In exercise 9 of my lab manual which i attached i need someone to take my distances and calculate base pairs and put it on the graph on page 81. Also tell me which suspect matches the crime scene. My distances are Hind II=20mm,23,25,30,38,39, Crime scene=33,35,52, Suspect 1=37,48,50, s2=27,32,35,41,46, s3=30,33,36,50, s4=37,47,

    Genetics Problems of All Types

    Attached are some genetics problems that i have some trouble solving. Please solve these problems (showing work as to how you arrived at the solutions with the answers).

    Imprinted Gene

    Imagine that for a maternally imprinted gene, allele a encodes an inactive version and allele A is the wildtype version. Do you expect the following individuals to exhibit an abnormal phenotype? Why or why not? a) a female of genotype Aa in which the wildtype allele came from her father? b) a male of genotype Aa in which the wil

    Encoding a protein with a pair of conflicting signal sequences

    Imagine you have engineered a set of genes, each encoding a protein with a pair of conflicting signal sequences that specify different compartments. If the genes wer expressed in a cell, predict which signal would win out for the following combinations. Explain. a. Signals for import into the nucleus and import into the ER

    Biology problems

    1. A species of wren arrives on a chain of volcanic islands off the coast of New Zealand that previously had no wrens. After several thousand years, wrens from these islands are able to interbreed with occasional migrants from the mainland, but the resulting offspring are poorly adapted to compete with the local wrens and produc

    Gene linkage

    Eye color in Drosophila depends on the synthesis of two pigments, a red pigment and a brown pigment, resulting in the wild-type (WT) dull red eye color. Mutations blocking production of the brown pigment result in bright red eyes, while mutations blocking production of the red pigment result in brown eyes. If both pathways are

    GENE Duplication for Evolutionary Mechanisms

    Gene duplication is an important evolutionary mechanism and, as result , many cases are known where species has two nearly identical genes.ySuppose there are two genes, A and B , that specify production of the same enzyme. An abnormal phenotype results only if an individual does not make any of that enzyme. What ratio of normal

    Genotype Symbols for Zucchinis

    You cross two true breeding strains of zucchini, one with green fruit and the other with yellow. The F1 plants are all green , but when these are crossed, the F2 plants consists of 9 green and 7 yellow. How many genes are involved in determining the zucchini color? Using your own symbols, designate which genotypes yield green an

    Complete dominance

    In rabbits, C= agouti coat color, c ^ch=chinchilla, c^h=Himalyan, and c=albino. The four alleles constitute multiple allelic series with complete dominance as follows: the agouti C is dominant to the three other alleles , c is recessive to all other alleles, and chinchilla is dominant to Himalayan. Determine the phenotype of pro

    Grandchildless Recessive Drosophila

    1. You have isolated a recessive Drosophila mutant that you call grandchildless (gls) because it behaves in the following way: Cross: gls/gls female x +/+ male F1: All sterile If you perform the reciprocal cross, however, you find that the result is different from that in cross 1: Cross: gls/gls male x +/+ female

    A recessive mutation in the human genome...

    1. A recessive mutation in the human genome results in a condition called anhidrotic ectodermal dysplasia, which is associated with an absence of sweat glands. The condition can be detected by studies of the electrical conductivity of the skin, because skin without sweat glands has a lower electrical conductivity (higher resist

    Hfr strains

    In E.coli, four streptomycin-sensitive, prototrophic Hfr strains were mated with a stretomycin-resistant F^- strain auxotrophic for a number of nutritonal requirements. Matings were interrupted at various intervals, and cells were plated on streptomycin-containing minimal meduim supplemented with particular nutrients to test for

    Genetics Questions on Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

    1. Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is due to an X-linked recessive gene. A.Explain why 8 to 10 % of female carriers of the DMD gene have muscle weakness. B. A Female carrier of DMD marries a phenotypically normal man. (i) Given the genotypes of the parents using appropriate genetic symbols. Female____ Male_____ (ii) On av

    Single gene cross: Line A is a true-breeding line of brown mice. Line B is a true-breeding line of white mice. A male from line A is crossed to a female from line B. The resulting F1 offspring are all black. The F2 offspring have black, white, and brown mice. What type of interaction between genes is this?

    4. Line A is a true-breeding line of brown mice. Line B is a true-breeding line of white mice. A male from line A is crossed to a female from line B. The resulting F1 offspring are all black. The F2 offspring have black, white, and brown mice. What type of interaction between genes is this? What proportion of sperm from t

    Determining Blood Types

    A man with type A blood marries a woman with type B blood. Their first child has type O blood. What proportion of his sperm have the IA allele? ______________ What proportion of her eggs have the IB allele? ______________ What is the chance that their second child will also have type O blood? Diagram this cross: