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    Complete dominance

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    In rabbits, C= agouti coat color, c ^ch=chinchilla, c^h=Himalyan, and c=albino. The four alleles constitute multiple allelic series with complete dominance as follows: the agouti C is dominant to the three other alleles , c is recessive to all other alleles, and chinchilla is dominant to Himalayan. Determine the phenotype of progeny from the following crosses:

    a) C/c x C/c

    b) C/c^h x c^h/c

    c) C/c^ch x C/c

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    (a) C/c x C/c - Parents
    C, c x C, c - gametes
    C/C, C/c, C/c, c/c - Offsprings
    3 Agouti color coat(1 C/C, 2 ...

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