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    Calculate base pairs (Dna fingerprinting)

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    In exercise 9 of my lab manual which i attached i need someone to take my distances and calculate base pairs and put it on the graph on page 81. Also tell me which suspect matches the crime scene. My distances are Hind II=20mm,23,25,30,38,39, Crime scene=33,35,52, Suspect 1=37,48,50, s2=27,32,35,41,46, s3=30,33,36,50, s4=37,47,56, s5=35,40,48,57,63

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    Dear student

    I went to p.127 of the lab manual to see the sizes of the HindIII markers. I couldn't find the information anywhere else in the lab manual. According to that page, there are actually 8 fragments in the set. However, you have counted only 6 on your gel, yet I see on p. 79 that there might be only 6 fragments in the HindIII markers. Therefore, it makes it difficult to draw your graph properly as we have to guess which fragments you missed. In order to make the graph look decently linear, I have guessed that you missed fragment 8 (564 bp) and fragment 5 (4361 bp). This may not be correct, but without seeing the gel, there's really no way of knowing. If you know the sizes of these 6 fragments more accurately, then all you have to do is change the numbers in the Excel file ...