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    Genetics: Blood Groups

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    Five human matings numbered 1-5 are shown in the following table. Include both maternal and paternal phenotypes for ABO, MN, and Rh blood-group antigen status (Rh+ is the dominant trait):

    Parental phenotypes
    1. A, M, Rh- x A, N, Rh-
    2. B, M, Rh- x B, M, Rh+
    3. O, N, Rh+ x B, N, Rh+
    4. AB, M, Rh+ x O, N, Rh+
    5. AB, MN, Rh- x AB, MN, Rh-

    a) A, N, Rh-
    b) O, N, Rh+
    c) O, MN, Rh-
    d) B, M, Rh+
    e) B, MN, Rh+

    Each mating results in one of the five offspring shown to the right (a-e). match each offspring with one correct set of parents, using each parental set only once. Is there more than one set of correct answers.

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    Remember that A and B are dominant to O, M and N are co-dominant, and that Rh+ is dominant to Rh -:

    1. A, M, Rh- x A, N, Rh-

    This can result in a baby with: A or O ...

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