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AP Bio: Preparation of Human Chromosome Spreads- Kit 4

1. Specify the location and function of the centromere.

2. a) Name the three types of chromosomes found in human cells based on the location of the centromere.
b) Which type is not found in human cells?

3. Why is it necessary to expose the cells to hypotonic solution when preparing cells for karyotyping?

4. Define the role of histones in the chromosomes.

5. Explain the difference between an aneuploid cell and a diploid cell.

6. During which stage of mitosis are the chromosomes in their most condensed state and thus best suited for karyotyping?

7. Describe the role of amniocentesis?

8. What test gives results of chromosomal abnormalities after 8 weeks of pregnancy?

9. a) What chromosome abnormality is caused by an extra autosome (trisomy)?
b) What chromosome abnormality is caused by an extra sex chromosome?
c) What chromosome abnormality is caused by a missing sex chromosome (monosomy)?

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