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    Complementation Minimal Media Plates

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    You are handed six yeast strains: three strains (a, b, c) have a defect in the LEU1 complementation group, the other three (d, e, f) have defects in the LEU4 complementation group (LEU being an abbreviation for leucine). if you plate diploid cells, created from mating the haploid strains together, on a minimal media plate without leucine in the following pattern, what would the plate look like after several days of growth (yeast plates usually mature after two days)? what would the pattern look like if you included leucine in the agar media?

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    In order to grow on the leucine deficient media, the yeast cells must have the ability to produce leucine, right? Therefore, any strains resulting from matings where the leucine mutation cannot be fixed will not grow. Any strains resulting from matings where the ...

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    The expert examines the three strains to complementation groups. What the plates would look like after several days of growth for yeast plates are determined.