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Analysis of a Gene Sequence

Use reciprocal blast (bi-directional best hit) to find the human RefSeq sequence ortholog for mouse RefSeq sequence NM_007527. Note you should limit the database to RefSeq and select the right organism. You can obtain NM_007527 sequence by searching Nucleotide for NM_007527 from the the NCBI website.


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What is the human ortholog of NM_007527?

If you complete a nucleotide search for NM_007527 there will be a single match for Mus musculus Bcl2-associated X protein (Bax). NM_007527 refers to a protein found in the house mouse called Bax. Bax is a protein that is important in the control of apopotis.

If you do a pubmed search for Bax you will see all kinds of related articles.

Now an ortholog by definition is a gene from ...

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The question refers to a gene sequence that is available on an online database. This solution describes how to use that website and some of the analysis that can be done. As well a link is provided to a peer-reviewed journal that describes the gene of interest in detail.