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Gene Interaction

Problems are attached on a scan. They are numbered 1 through 3 and they are on the last page. If have attached the lab from which this problem came from.


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Further explanation for question 1 is attached (genetics_forkmethod.doc)

Answer 1:

P ------ C1C1SuSu x CCsusu

F1 ...... C1CSusu

F2 can be represented in fork method as follows :

Su (3/4) C1Su (9/16) , Yellow- Smooth

C1 (3/4)

su (1/4) C1su (3/4), Yellow - wrinkled


Su (3/4) CSu (3/4), Purple - Smooth

C (1/4)

su (1/4) Csu (1/4) Purple - wrinkled

Answer 2:

Genotype Phenotype
Parent 1 : AACCRR Parent 1 : Colored with anthocyanin pigment
Parent 2 : aaccrr Parent 2 : colorless (without anthocyanin pigment

F1 : AaCcRr F1 : Colored with anthocyanin pigment

Answer 3 :

F2 Genotypes:
It is obtained by crossing AaCcRr & AaCcRr
Each Parent will produce 8 gametes (ACR, ACr, Acr, AcR, aCR, acR, ...

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Complimentary gene is interallelic interaction in which metabolic product of one gene compliment the metabolic product of another gene. If any one of them is absent, phenotypic expression fails to appear.