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    Construction of genetic map on the basis of transfer of gene

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    Four Hfr stains of E. coli are known to transfer their genetic material during conjugation in different sequences. Given the time of entry of the markers into the F- recipient:
    A. Construct a genetic map that includes all of these markers. (12 points)
    B. Label the time distance between adjacent gene pairs. (11 points)
    C. Indicate the points at which the F factor is located for each of the strains. (4 points)

    Hfr Strain 1 Markers arg thy met thr - -
    Times in min 15 21 32 48 - -
    Hfr Strain 2 Markers mal met thi thr try -
    Times in min: 10 17 22 33 57 -
    Hfr Strain 3 Markers phe his bio azi thr thi
    Times in min 6 11 33 48 49 60
    Hfr Strain 4 Markers his phe arg mal - -
    Times in min 18 23 35 45 - -

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    A. Here is the genetic map including all the markers (drawn on the basis of distance between the entry of markers into the F- recipient).
    (fig 1 in attachment)

    Here is the distribution of markers on the chromosome along with the time difference (in minutes) between different markers. (fig 2 in attachment)

    B. The ...