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    Breeding rabbits using a cross and key to support answer

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    If a rabbit breeder crossed a pure-bred white normal-coated male with a pure-bred black Havana female with satin coat and all the offspring were Havana black with normal coats.
    Then he crossed two of the Havana blacks with normal coats in hopes of obtaining a satin black Havana rabbit.

    What would be the likelihood of this being successful? I need to show the cross and key to explain my answer.

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    From the fact that both animals were pure breds and that ALL the offsprings were black Havana with normal coats we can conclude that black is dominant, we call it B, while white is recessive we call it w, normal coat is dominant we call it N while satin coat is recessive, we call it s. So the 2 originals were BBss & wwNN since they were pure breds. That means that their offsprings can have the following ...

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