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    Using Probability to solve a genetic problems

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    Hi, I don't have a problem with the question itself but i don't understand how my textbook use probabilty in solving the problem.

    How many genetically different eggs could be formed by a women with the following genotypes?

    Aa bb CC DD

    Now it's obvious that one gamete will have (A b C D) and the other gamete will have (a b C D)

    This is the way my textbook answered it "using the product rule(because the inheritance of each gene is independent), she can make 2x1x1x1= 2 different types of gametes. Please explain

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    Hello and thank you for posting your question to Brainmass.

    Let's think about a slightly different problem from the real world. Soething all of us have done one way or another: used a combination lock (or choose a four digit PIN number)

    Assume you have a combination lock with 4 placemet holders. Each place can hold a number between 0 to 9.
    How many code combinations are possible?

    Well, in the first place we can have 10 different options.
    Next we choose a number for the second place.
    Since it is independent of the first number, we again have 10 numbers to choose from.

    If we set the first number ...

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    The probability to solve a genetic problems are used. How many genetically different eggs could be formed by a women with the genotypes are determined.