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    Research Methods

    Define and describe theory (in research)

    My Assignment: Using provided articles, discuss scholarly views on the nature and types of theory. Compare and contrast at least three views of what constitutes a theory, distinguishing theory from related concepts, such as hypothesis, paradigm, model, and concept. I need to write about 10 pages. I'm looking for a page or t

    Research Methods - Methodology & philosophy

    See this posting: https://brainmass.com/sociology/research-methods/455822 to see the free attachment that applies to this question. How would you describe and justify the choice of methodology in light of the hypothetical research philosophy and how does this align with the foundational philosophy that supports the methodolo

    Research Methods - Sampling techniques and dataset

    I need assistance in finding a dataset that corresponds to the survey instrument attached. What do you see from the cases from the dataset, using the sampling technique and selected sample size. I have to report (a)The new sample (b)the research questions and hypothesis (c) The independent and dependent variables and (d) extran

    Research Methods

    I need assistance on a research problem. I am practicing my dissertation process and want to be clear about my knowledge of each component of the process. The purpose of this activity is I have to design a survey instrument. I want to select an existing public domain survey from the list that corresponds to the topic of inter

    Important terms in the study of research Validity

    Could you please help me understand the following terms? Variable Operationalization Sample Scale Measurement Measurement error Causation Plausible rival explanations Hypothesis Reliability Unit of analysis Four main types of validity

    Statistical claim analysis

    Research an article from a recent newspaper or magazine that makes the sociological claim of marriage based on quantitative statistics. Summarize the key points focusing on the statistics presented and the author's interpretation of these numbers. Analyze and critique the article providing a reference and a link for the articl

    The Process of Leadership

    As a leader, how will or would you determine the method by which decisions should be made in any given situation? Describe and defend the process you will or would use.

    Cite differences between qualitative research and quantitative research.

    Design differences are important between qualitative research and quantitative research. Unique properties of each methodology are defined and compared. List three characteristics of a qualitative study that are unique. Also three characteristics of a quantitative study. Can you discuss and compare these differences?

    Family Research Methods

    In this project I have to focus on critically evaluating the family research information I am doing a report that has to explain how reliability and validity are important factors to consider when reviewing a research article. I am looking for assistance on a peer-reviewed journal article that reports a study concerned with a f

    Threats to Validity

    Examining the internal and external threats to validity. Can you help me identify and define those threats that are related to measurement, and the threats that are related to sampling issues.

    Advance Research

    Is an ethno methodology puts limitation on research? Is there something unique in surveys, as a sociological research method?

    Quantitative vs Qualitative Research

    I need help identifying three characteristics of a qualitative study that are unique. Also three characteristics of a quantitative study. Can you discuss and compare these differences. An example: a qualitative study will use what is called "purposeful sampling," while a quantitative study (specifically an experimental study

    Classifying Variables Psychological Research

    In the world of psychological research the experiment is highly valued, as it is one of the key processes we can use to determine cause and effect. Associated with cause and effect is the critical identification of the variables involved in a research effort. Provide an in-depth discussion on Independent and Dependant variables.

    Demand for Ethics in Psychological Research.

    The need for increasing oversight in psychological research is changing as demand for ethical practices and complexities of research are challenged. Can you help me present an overview, based on research, of this phenomenon? Can you include discussion topics such as deception, institutional review board, informed consent, and

    Research about the increase in female offenses

    Target the increase in female offenses. Need advise on how to go about the paper, especially the hypothesis (see attached document for full) on this topic: Choose at least two articles in criminal justice on any topic. You are to research and analyze a criminal justice topic using the knowledge you acquired from this class a

    Heuristics and Bias

    Heuristics are generally identified as "rules of thumb" that we use when making decisions. We evaluate information we already know, events we've already experienced, and actions we've already taken, to help us make quick and efficient decisions. In the heuristic process we make assumptions based on what we know, what we've done

    Cultural Background

    Cultural Background Paper (1050 - 1400 words) You are all descended either from immigrants to America or from Native Americans. All of us, therefore, have in our background a culture other than the one that governs most of our present social life. Write a 1,050 to 1,400-word paper describing some of the similarities and differ

    Research Design

    What is sampling and why do we use it? What are the steps in the sampling process?

    Hypothesis and specifying variables within a research problem

    My research problem is as follows "Does the amount of time a child spends with his/her parents in church create a stronger social bond between the parent(s)/child later in life?" I need help to create a hypothesis related to this problem as well as specifying the variables (discrete or continuous; dependent or independent etc).

    Survey Research

    Please, I need help in writing this survey research paper. The case study: AARP The American Association of Retired Persons has asked your help to evaluate one of its outreach programs, Federal Seniors. Federal Seniors so far has been a series of meetings with representatives - mainly middle- and lower-level human resources

    Critically analyze three articles that discuss research for social change.

    Critically analyze three articles that discuss research for social change. Find three articles that discuss research for social change and analyze them: comparing and contrasting, including the research methodologies presented in these articles. Provide links to the articles so that I can prepare a research paper on the arti

    Qualitative Data Analysis

    I have an assignment where I must code and analyze a transcript between 2 females, 2 males and myself. As I read the script, I am to think about answering 3 main questions: 1.What are the main concepts in distance education? 2.What are the program and instructional design considerations for distance education? 3.What is the