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Sociological claims article review

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Research an article from a recent newspaper or magazine that makes the sociological claim of marriage based on quantitative statistics. Summarize the key points focusing on the statistics presented and the author's interpretation of these numbers. Analyze and critique the article providing a reference and a link for the article.

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The solution provides a sample article analysis that features sociological claims on marriage which are summarized here in this solution.Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic, full publishing details of the article is listed and a Word version of the solution is attached.

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Article Review

â?¢ Article: Marriage by the numbers
â?¢ Publisher: CBC/Radio-Canada
â?¢ URL: http://www.cbc.ca/news/background/marriage/
â?¢ Author: CBC Editorial team
â?¢ Year: 2005

The article indicated above has been chosen as it presents sociological claims about marriage based on quantitative statistics. It is not an investigative piece that exposes neither a problem nor a human interest story that presents a life-experience. The article is purely a release of statistical description which becomes the basis of sociological claims. So, what are these claims? The article is divided into 5 main sections, each taking a specific aspect of marriage descriptive data based on the ...

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