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    An outline of qualtitative research methods

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    What methodological factors have to be taken into consideration when choosing a qualitative research design?

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    To approach this question, I recommend reviewing what your course materials says about qualitative research. I'll discuss some of the main things to bear in mind when creating a qualitative research design which hopefully will parallel what you've been studying. Usually when one is choosing any research design the main areas that she/he needs to be mindful of are: access to people who possess the information they are looking for, the resources needed to conduct the study (this usually involves money and time) as well as the type of data one is looking for (i.e. whether or not someone went to high school versus exploring what life was like when attending high school).

    Qualitative approaches to research are very beneficial as these provide a means for the researcher to gather more in-depth information and discover data that they didn't know existed. While both quantitative and qualitative use a combination of deductive and inductive tools, qualitative approaches primarily start inductively; meaning, that the researcher creates a series of open-ended questions which allow for flexibility while she / he is gathering information. For example, let's say you want to study ice cream consumption. If you were to use a quantitative approach, you might survey 1,500 people using a questionnaire that asks closed ended ...

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    This solution describes some of the primary types of qualitative research.