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Topics in experimental research

1. Why are experimental studies not very generalizable? What can be done to improve the external validity of experimental studies?

2. Snowball sampling is one of the frequently used sampling methods in social work research. Please talk briefly some ethical issues you may confront when using snowball sampling

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Experimental Studies

What is an experimental study? It is a form of research design that is best utilized for testing causal hypothesis whereby control of variables is the main focus. The idea is to control the environment - this is very much akin to laboratory studies whereby researchers are far removed from their subjects of study, with the idea of neutrality while observing is the rule. Only from such neutral stance can interpretation of what is observed be considered as empirically scientific (CSU, 2012). In experimental research, the identified independent variables are manipulated on their own or in groups to investigate their effects/influence on dependent variables. Experimental design is usually applicable when any of ...

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