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Ethics in Psychological Research

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The need for increasing oversight in psychological research is changing as demand for ethical practices and complexities of research are challenged. Can you help me present an overview, based on research, of this phenomenon? Can you include discussion topics such as deception, institutional review board, informed consent, and debriefing? You can keep it short.

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Ethical Components of Behavioural Research

Research in the field of psychology falls under the scientific and behavioural research discipline. In the US, the issue of using Human participants in scientific and behavioural research in controversial for social, mental, biological and political reasons. Christine Hansen (2001) describes this process as 'downright painful' where approval from authorities unfamiliar with the science behind the research appears as such - time consuming, embarrassing, ill-informed and even arbitrary. The science behind psychological research to many is still controversial despite proven theories and evidence. For example, the Zimbardo Stanford Prison experiment proved still controversial to this day in that the ethics behind the purpose, the process, the effects and the results on student guards and student acting as prisoners is debated for their humanity, possibility of abuse, ethics and even necessity. What that experiment proved though was that there is a psychological effect in relation to role, identity, individuation, cognitive dissonance and social approval as soon as the roles are accepted and then played. Stigmatization happened as power and authority clashed between 'prisoners and guards' opening up a landmark study of prison field conditions in real life.

Now, if we base it from the Zimbardo experiment, deception can be viewed as a key ingredient in the success of the experiment, for, while ...

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The solution is a 1,018-word narrative that discusses the need for oversight in psychological research for the purpose of conducting an ethical practice. Concerns like approval, review, deception, informed consent and debriefing is included in the discussion. References are listed for the purpose of expansion. As an example the Zimbardo experiment is discussed in light of the influence of its results to further psychological research. A word version of the solution is attached for easy download and printing.

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