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Texting's Impact on Communication

Why is a survey appropriate method for researching texting and the impact it has on communication?

Why are other research methods not appropriate?

How would you support this research method?

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Surveys are appropriate when you want to find information about a social phenomenon that impacts a large amount of people.

There are two types of surveys: questionnaires and interviews. There are several questions to consider when choosing which type of survey to conduct. First, you need to consider the population you will be working with. You need to ask yourself if the population can be enumerated. Since a great majority of people have cell phones and use them to send text messages, it will be easy to randomly find people to survey;especially if your samples come from post-industrial societies. Next, ask yourself if the population you will be working with is literate. Could they read and respond to a survey? It not, you would need to find a new method to gather your data with. Additionally, you would need to ask yourself if there will be a language barrier to cross for your research. We live in a world where hundreds of languages are spoken. Will you be pulling data from countries where there is more than one official language? If so, how will you handle this situation? Next, consider whether or not the population will cooperate with the survey. Often, people who do research on immigration issues have a difficult time finding willing participants. However, with the ...

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Using survey research methods to gather data on texting and its impact on communication