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Help in Hypothesis formulation

Target the increase in female offenses. Need advise on how to go about the paper, especially the hypothesis (see attached document for full) on this topic:

Choose at least two articles in criminal justice on any topic. You are to research and analyze a criminal justice topic using the knowledge you acquired from this class and the articles you choose. You cannot use any other article that you have used up to this point in class. You may save and use the articles for additional homework assignments, after submission. Be sure to include the complete APA reference for your article.


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Dear Student,
Hello and thank you for using Brainmass. As I see it, you are asking for advice in relation to forming the 'hypothesis' - the central question of your paper. Additionally, you are looking for assistance in forming the 'corollary questions' - questions attached and related to the hypothesis to help the study/investigation explore and clarify the topic more. At least, you already have a topic in mind - increase in criminal offenses. But this is pretty broad because you have not 'boxed' the main focus of your study. Are you going to be looking for the increase of female offenses in a particular location alone or would you like to look at the increase in female offenses of a particular crime (i.e. prostitution, drug use, bodily harm, murder, etc.). By narrowing it down, you can focus and limit your area of research so will not be all over the place in terms of research and discussion. I shall assume however that you are going to focus on the 'Broad' aspect of female offense ...

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The solution provides advise on how to go about a paper on the topic of Increase in female offences especially in fomulating a working hypothesis. It also lists resources, online articles and data sites, books as well as available online books that can be used as a basis for data on the topic.