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    Statistics: Hypothesis testing for an oxygenated motor fuel

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    Two different formulation of an oxygenated motor fuel are being used to study their road octane numbers. The variance of road octane number for formulation 1 is 1.5 and for formulation 2 is 1.2. The random sample size for formulation 1 is 15 and for formulation 2 is 20 are rested, both from normally distributed populations. The sample mean <x1>=89.6 and <x2>=92.5

    a) If formulation 2 produce a higher road octane number than formulation 1, the manufacturer would like to detect it. Using significant level of 0.05 and formulate the null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis.
    b) What is the test conclusion using critical value approach?
    c) what is the p-value and test conclusion?

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    s1 and s2 are the standard deviations. Standard deviation is nothing but the ...

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