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    ull and alternative hypotheses

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    You're trying to explain null and alternative hypotheses to one of the senior managers at Company W and he's not "getting it" when you use snack food sales. Help him by thinking about a business problem in another organization or department. Formulate a null hypothesis and the corresponding alternative hypothesis that could be tested.

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    // As per the requirements of the paper, it will focus on developing a 'Null hypothesis' and 'Alternative hypothesis' for a business problem. It will also explain how the hypothesis will be formed. This can help in increasing your knowledge about hypothesis formulation //

    A null hypothesis explains the proper relation between the two variables. An alternative hypothesis explains the difference in the variables or groups. Alternative hypothesis is the opposite of null hypothesis. The null hypothesis is counter pointed with the other hypothesis. The null ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 356 words with references.