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Jesus as the Messiah

In what ways did the circumstances of Jesus' birth (according to the Gospels) fulfill the Jewish expectation of a Messiah and the Kingdom of God?


Answer the following questions in relation to Christianity. According to Christians: What is the basic human problem? What is the cause of the problem? What is the end or goal of transformation? What are the means of this transformation? Please see the attached file (also below) What Is the Basic Human Problem? Ea

Relgious comparisons are given.

What are the main features of Christian teaching and practice, church organization and life which distinguish Eastern Orthodoxy, Roman Catholicism, and Protetantism from one another?

Sermon on the Mount in Matthew Chapter 6

This passage is from the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew Chapter 6. What does Jesus mean by holiness in this passage? "You are the salt of the world. But if the salt should lose its taste, how can it be made salty again? It's good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled on by people. "You are the light of the world. A

About God, Jesus, Life, Death, Salvation and Afterlife...

After Christmas, I think I felt something different. I have always been an agnostic, and I think I'm starting to believe in God. These are some of the questions I really need answered and be made in layman's terms and logical. I have to get the nerve to tell my friends why I believe in God now, and just saying one day I just cha

Compare and Contrast Pentecostals and Catholic

I need to write a response on the Penecostal and Catholic religions. I understand they are very similar but need help in this matter since I lack in this area: Choose a religion that is not your own and then visit a place of worship and interview a person of that faith. You will report your findings in an informative paper.

Compare and Contrast Two Religions

I need some help on finding information regarding gothic Christianity. Basically an introduction to the religion, what it is, where do people worship, etc. Then I need some information comparing gothic Christianity to Christianity iteself. Any information you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Resurrection Sunday

What is resurrection Sunday (Easter) - What is the importance of resurrection Sunday to the New testament believer? What should we apply by faith as Christians?

Prayer and leadership

What is prayer (private and public) Using 1 tim 2:1 what is the role and importance of prayer in a leaders life and ministry. Jesus was an example (luke 5:16; 6:12)

Insights on leadership using Paul as an example

Using 1 timothy 3:2-7 what are pauls skills set as per social, moral, mental, personal, domestic (1 tim 3:4), and how about his spiritual maturity (1 tim 3:6 and acts 14:23). use Gal 1:14, Romans 1:14; 2 cor 5:14 to support your explanation.

The qualifications for becoming a leader are mapped.

Using Numbers chapters 13-14 experience as a whole as an example, what can modern day spiritual individuals learn about becoming a leader? Ideas are expressed. Most of the time today's leaders are shaped by what they see in other leaders on the cutting edge of ministry (rather it is spiritually right or wrong), and what they ar

Natural versus Spiritual Leadership

Using 1 Corinthians 2:1-4, please explain the comparison and contrast of a spiritual leader or natural leader. A spiritual leader is: confident in God; also knows God; seeks God's will; humble; follows God's example; delights in obedience to god; loves god and others; depends on god. A natural leader is: self-confident; knows

Spiritual servanthood importance

I explain the importance of the teaching found in Mark 10:43-44 (KJV) in relation to "the sovereignty of spiritual leadership (mark 10:40) and the suffering of spiritual leadership (mark 10:38).

Evangelism is defined.

Evangelism is the joyous witness of the people of God to God's redeeming love, which urges repentance and reconciliation to God and each other through faith in Jesus Christ--who lived, died, and was raised from the dead. Through renewal with Jesus, believers are empowered by the Holy Spirit and incorporated into the church f

Importance of God`s Chosen Leader in Vision

I explain how Psalm 75:6-7 relates to the search of church leaders. What are the qualities of a god chosen leader? Why is it important for a God chosen leader to have a vision from God?

The Gospel of Luke

I am writing a paper on interputating the Gospel of Luke, specifically: What is Luke trying to accomplish; How did the tension between Jesus' human and divine side afftect his work and his person? His mission? After reading the Gospel I think I undersoon how it affected his work and his mission but I am confused by his per

Comparing Roman Catholic and the Presbyterian Religions

Compare and contrast Roman Catholics religion to the Presbyterian religion. For example origin, texts, days of worship, rituals, central of beliefs, Nature of God, historical figures/events and their ethics. Please provide references and there is a 1,800 word minimum.

New Testament for the Image of the Union Between Christ Marriage

In the new testiment, according to Mathew, John, and Paul, the post easter church believed that the power of jesus to forgive sins had passed to _______________________? In Ephesians 5 21-33 paul presents marriage as an image of the union between christ and_________________________? the whole human race the righteous pe

Christ and the New Covenant are featured topics.

From the following readins: Mark, John 14-16; Matthew 1-3, Luke 1-2; Catechism (para 422-511, 571-664); Kreft 129-138, what do the biblical readings say about who Jesus is? How do the authors come to the conclusions that the author does about who Jesus is? Is this view complete? What is missing? John holds that Christ is imp


According to Dei Verbum what is revelation and why is it important to the Christian religion? What does it mean to say that the Bible is the revelation of God and how do we know that? Why is the Scripture important for life of the church?

The Word of God

Why is God's Word (i.e., Scripture in the Holy Bible) valuable to Christians and believers? Give a scripture as evidence. Thanks.

Explain sources for Historical Books

PLEASE EXPLAIN IN 1-2 PARAGRAPHS IN EASY, SIMPLE, LANGUAGE: Explain the sources for the Historical Books of the Bible. SIMPLE language please!!!

History of Maccabean revolt

Could some explain to our Bible Study Group the history, origins and significant events of the Maccabean revolt. (please, in easy to understand terms)

Definitions made clear

Hello: Please help our study group define + understand the following words in a clear, easy to understand manner: Thanks! (Webster Dictionary just isn't doing it for us!) Protocanonical: Synoptic Gospels: Pseudo-Biblical: Pseudepigraphal: Didactice Literature: Historiographical Literature: