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Controversies in Christianity

1. A controversial Catholic figure, Alfred Loisy (1857-1940) is quoted as saying that Jesus preached the kingdom of God, but we wound up with the church. What might that mean today? 2. Jews and Muslims often claim that because Christians believe in the Trinity, they are not truly monotheists. Evaluate this claim. 3. If Martin

Justification by Faith

Justification by Faith: Consider the theological concept of justification by faith as developed in the apostle Paul's letter to the Romans. Consider the following beginning with Romans 1:17, how does Paul develop his argument regarding justification by faith, and how, specifically, does this relate to justification by faith?

Progression Of Religion And Industrialization

1. Give an example of an element of culture or society that has progressed, evolved or improved over time, whether centuries or millennia. Is it possible to see religion(s) progressing, evolving or improving over time in a similar way? 2. What challenges do modernization and industrialization pose to traditional religions like

Development of the Synoptic Tradition

Please use: readings (Jesus -Marcus Borg) and the biblical texts parenthetically (Mark 2:4-8) Describe the development of the synoptic tradition by describing Mark's context and purpose and then showing how Matthew and Luke revise the Markan text--according to their own contexts and purposes. What are the key factors in the f

England Revival and Missionaries.

What were the circumstances that contributed to the rise of the Wesleyan Revival in England, in life of the rampant growth of Enlightenment relative to 18th century England. Why did the revival succeed? What was the roll of missionaries in bringing Christanity to the Gobal South. How would this missionary enterprise b

God's Self-Communication and Correlation of the Christian Faith

- In your own words, describe how Rahner's theology blends his understanding of the human person, grace as God's self-communication, Jesus Christ as the definitive moment in God's movement to the world in self-communication, and the triune God the summary of this fundamental theology - Every moment in the history of doctrine is

Christian Theology: Revelation

How can I deliver a formal introductory lecture to an academia/ professional/advent bible readers who are part of an adult bible study group at my church on Revelation so that if they are paying attention they should leave my lecture knowing: (1) What revelation is. (2) The role that Revelaton plays in the Christian faith. (3

Caribbean Emancipatory Theology: Is it still applicable?

What happened to Caribbean Emancipatory Theology? Is it still applicable in the twenty-first century? The solution describes and provides an answer to the problem but also provides the student with ideas for possible essay and research topics in the field.

The Scripture Way of Salvation

The Scripture Way of Salvation-By John Wesley Based upon this text what would be three critical/open ended questions that could be derived from this text about this sermon?

Justin Martyr

Justin Martyr was well known apologist who defended Christianity by using Greco-Roman philosophy to describe the mysteries of Christian faith. He set the foundation for other Christian philosophers in that he discussed Christian theology with non-believers from a point of common ground.

Assistance request re: Art Influenced by Hinduism pre 1200 BCE

I aspire to be able to comprehend and understand the purpose of creating an expository or persuasive essay that explains a discovery regarding art influenced by Hinduism using cyber info. I need to reflect some sort of synthesis as well as an analysis of a relevant subject to my course and is required to be in the form of an

Beauty, Truth, and the Good

We are attracted to beautiful people and things, but they cannot completely satisfy our hunger for beauty. We want to know what's true about ourselves and the world around us, but answers always lead to new questions, because we hunger not just for facts, but for Truth itself. We love the good, seek it out, try to do what is g

Thesis statement on Justin Martyr

I am writing a research paper about Justin Martyr. I am trying to write a thesis statement, but I am having a hard time figuring out which direction to go in. I know that he was a second century apologist and he died defending his faith. I also know that he fought his fight on four fronts against pagan intellectuals, the state,

New Testament Book Summaries

Please assists with writing 5 bible summaries from the new testament. It must include one gospel, narrative, epistle, and apocalyptic. We can pick which 5 books we would like to use. This is for a junior level class. The instructor is not asking for much he just wants to make sure that we have the key themes of each, major event

Bible Study: Suffering and Hope

Explain your understanding of Rom 5:1-6. What is the connection in Paul's thinking between suffering and hope? PS: Please explain this as thoroughly as possible so that I may get an accurate understanding of it and put it in my own words. Thanks.

Book of James 2:18-24: Argument/Thesis

In looking at the book of James chapter 2 vs. 18-24 what would be an argument/ thesis of this chapter and how does the chapter conclude to support such an argument.

What is religious expression?

How can religious expression be seen in today's world? As we can see and perceive, globalization brought confusion regarding how religiousity could be seen. Religious expression is the principle that grants an individual the possibility of expressing one's beliefs publicly or privately through practice, teaching and worship. Th

Integration of Faith

Aristotle defined character as "the decisions a person makes when the choice is not obvious." Another well known definition of character is the way we act when no one is looking. Firms that have "character" tend to perform better over the long run. 1. Find at least one Scripture verse that is related to character and to a Fir

Healing Stories of Jesus in the Bible- the blind man Bartimaeus.

Select a story from the Bible (be sure to cite which version of the Bible and passages you are using) that addresses an aspect of healing. Summarize the passage and discuss the components of healing that took place. What led you to believe that healing took place? Was it a question of faith or something physical that took place?

Pictographs: 1 James and 1 Peter

What would a charted outline of the biblical books look like in small, cartoonlike drawings that take the place of the verbal description? Each drawing should have a type of caption to tell what is in the picture (e.g. a picture of praying hands and the caption would be to pray for, or a picture of Christ on the Cross could h

Daoism and Confucianism

1. Do you see any contradiction between the Daoist ideal of gracefully accepting death, suggested by the Daodejing, and the Daoist search for long life and immortality? Can the two goals be reconciled? Can you give 2 examples from TV, film and from family members and friends? 2. Consider your own "home culture." If Confuci

Fourth century Christianity

In the fourth century Christianity was moved from being a persecuted minority of the population to the official state religion of the Roman Empire. Explain using references, how did this transition take place? As well, discuss what the pros and cons were of putting this movement into the center of society.

The Biblical Canon.

The Biblical Canon 1. How does the New Testament Canon possess and exercise normative authority for Christianity? 2. What is it about the history and exegesis of the canon that raises the question about the canon's normative authority? 3. How do Protestants and Catholics differ in their resolving of this issue? 4. What i