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Volunteer Trends, Discovery, and Mobilization

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Part I. Make an enumerated list of 25 effective methods for elevating church volunteer levels and thereby involving more individuals in ministry. For each method, include a 1-2 sentence description. List the resources or personally independently identifies. Take into account current volunteer trends both within and outside church settings. Based on Hemphill/Taylor

EXAMPLE: Annual Ministry Fair - This approach provides every ministry within the church to formally promote the ministry, its purposes, and worker/leader needs. A "fair" setting is used to encourage all members and attenders to "browse" various ministry booths/tables and gain information to guide volunteer decisions.

Part II. Synthesize enlistment and training principles as they relate to the discovery, enlistment, training, and motivation of volunteer workers in church ministry settings. Examine the concept and value of volunteer workers and leaders in the local church. Compare and contrast volunteer utilization in church and non-church settings. Introduce the 12 keys for volunteer discovery and mobilization presented by Helen Little. Based on Hemphill/Taylor

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This solution will assist the student in the preparation of effective methods for increasing volunteerism in the church as well as examine enlistment, training, and motivation for recruitment and retaining volunteers.

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Part I
Make an enumerated list of 25 effective methods for elevating church volunteer levels:

When looking at the act of volunteering, in general, the main factors in acquiring, retaining, and supporting volunteers are consistent across all societal sectors. There are specific contextual differences that may require some changes, however, these changes are for the benefit of those volunteers involved in that particular organization.

I was unable to locate the Hemphill/Taylor text, however, the information that I provide to you should assist you when you take their methods into account.

A helpful step to take before listing the above is to write down the various volunteer positions that churches need. You don't have to be specific with small or larger churches, just be general.

For example:
- Sunday School teachers
- Nursery Attendants
- Choir members/conductors
- Band members/conductors

Please refer to the following article: "25 Ways to Catch and Keep Volunteers" which will provide you with some ideas. Not all of these 25 Ways will pertain to the church.

Another article worth looking at is: "Volunteers - 10 Ways to Make Volunteers Happy" presents key motivators that can be applied to the church.

You will also find the following 4 methods in this article helpful:
Keeping Volunteers

From my own experience, it is absolutely necessary to recognize volunteers publicly. This not only retains their motivation but provides ...

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