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Mobilization Tactics

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Mobilization occurs when people recognize they share a problem with others and that they must act together on the matter. Mobilization is not a one-time matter. It continues through action campaigns as successes encourage those who have been involved to redouble their efforts while encouraging additional people to join up. This self self-sustaining mobilization is what keeps activists, local leaders, and professional organizers involved and willing to continue the battle. The bigger challenge is then in moving those who are at present inactive, perhaps unaware of a problem or the possibility of a solution, to join the fight.

1). Discuss some of these tactics and techniques such as (Canvassing or going door to door to meet people, Network Activation, and Mobilizing through Established Community Institutions) that can be used to mobilize individuals.

2). Describe additional tactics that will mobilize individuals to take action, join a cause, or fight against a problem.

3). What role do state and national coalitions play in mobilization?

Support your comments with and provide examples as well. Minimum of one scholarly reference cited with APA format.

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1) Going door to door is a good tactic and technique that can be used to mobilize individuals, largely due to the fact that this technique provides a means by which to address individuals face-to-face, and provide information concerning the need for mobilization for a given cause. Established community institutions such as colleges and universities and religious establishments are great avenues to utilize in order to mobilize individuals, and have been utilized for such ...