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Gospels - New Testament

Our study group is trying to decipher the sources for the Gospels and wanting to know the order in which the Gospels were composed, who the proposed audiences and major themes as well.

Character of Paul

Hello Ms. Anderson, our study group is discussing the "character of Paul" in the Epistles and the Acts of the Apostles, his habits of preaching and the recurring themes in this writing. Would you summarize your thoughts on Paul's character in those terms I mentioned plus in terms of the theological philosophies that he offers t

Gifts of the Spirit

What are the gifts of the Spirit and how do they differ from the graces of the Spirit? Provide Biblical evidence to support your answer.

Gift of Prophecy After the New Testament Times

"Most believers in the Bible take it for granted that the gift of prophecy was withdrawn from the church when the writing of the New Testament was completed." Agree or disagree. Provide Biblical evidence to support your answer.

The Rationale for Salvation

According to Christianity, what is the rationale for Salvation? Provide Bible scriptures to support this rationale.

Suffering and Death of Jesus - Why?

Please help me locate information and Scriptures for the following project: The topic is the meaning of Jesus's suffering and death. Specifically, the question to be answered is: What is the meaning of the suffering and death of Jesus? Explain providing at least 7 reasons using Biblical examples of the Passion of Christ

Stations of the Cross

List the traditional 14 stations of the Cross, a brief history, and the events tied to each station. What they they mean to those who partake? Provide Scriptural support. Thanks.

Explain concept of knowledge

Our study group is at odds over the concept of knowledge as we tackle the Book of Genesis: we need to comprehend the various ways in which it is defined in respect to the stories of Adam and Eve? Noah? Lot and with his daughters? If anyone has a clear understanding of this message. Please help clear up our confusion. Provid

Wisdom and Examples from Job, Proverbs and Ecclesiastes

My study group is having difficulty with grasping why the term WISDOM means different things in different chapters like Job, Ecclesiastes, Proverbs. If anyone can help us we'd be very grateful; and please give us an example with each of these: (Job, Ecclesiastes, Proverbs) as it helps solidify our understanding. Thank you.

Evidence of Current Events that Predict the End Times

Bible prophecy predicts certain end times events that have to occur before the Messiah returns to rule on earth. What are at least five pieces of evidence that support this statement and, thus, we are indeed living in the end times? Agree or disagree with this statement? Provide evidence from various sources (i.e., articles, p

Symbolic role of the Anti-Christ in the Puritan experience

What is the role of the anti-christ in the Puritan Christian tradition? How has the concept of an anti-Christ figure evolved from ancient Judaism to accomodate the different social and historical experience for various Christian Groups? This solution compares the experience of the Essene and Puritan communities in reference t

Principles involved in harmonizing the Gospels

What are the five most common principles involved in harmonizing and making sense of the four Gospels? Why are there differences? What can explain these differences? Whenever possibly, illustrate with quotes from Gospels.

Themes of the Old Testament historical narratives

Summarize three important themes to consider when studying the Old Testament historical narratives. Supplemented with one digram e.g. theological narrative and a highly information chart e.g. salvation history through the Old Testament. Clearly, the essential markers controlling Old Testament narrative development can be recogni

A Lesson from the Life of Saul

Saul was the first King of Israel who was driven by fear most of his life. Is it that hard to relate to Saul? Discuss and provide examples of what lessons we can take from the life of Saul in the Old Testament. Can you provide me with some suggestions of topics to include and scripture examples for this paper. Thank you.

Double Reference in Biblical Prophecy

In biblical prophecy, what does the term "double reference" mean? I think it aids understanding, since it provides more than one reference to the same event, but correct me if I am wrong. Also, describe the four kinds of double referencing found in Scripture and also provide examples.

Christian views about salvation

I was wondering if Christians think that Heaven is for Christians only? Are there different views of salvation proposed in Christianity? What will happen to those that are not Christians and/or without the gospel?

Jesus as the Christ: Meaning and Implications

What does Christ mean and how does it relate to the Historical views of Jesus? Or, does it? Who referred to Jesus as the Christ and did everyone think of Him this way? What did the title of being called the "Christ" imply? Provide biblical evidence and include all references please.

Doctrine of Jesus's Divinity and the Doctrine of the Trinity

1. Is Jesus God? Do all Christians believe this? 2. What proof is there that supports that Jesus is God? I do not quite understand how the Trinity fits into this discussion. 3. How do critics e.g., non-Christians react to the Doctrine of the Trinity? Provide evidence for your position.

Old Testament and The Patriarchs

What impact does Aaron of the Old Testament have on Moses? On Israel? Include a description of his character in this discussion.


How did Acts get into the Bible? What is the History of Acts? I.E. who wrote Acts, why is it in the Bible, what is the Higher Critical and Literary views of Acts?