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Spiritual leaders

Using Numbers chapters 13-14 experience as a whole as an example, what can modern day spiritual individuals learn about becoming a leader? Ideas are expressed. Most of the time today's leaders are shaped by what they see in other leaders on the cutting edge of ministry (rather it is spiritually right or wrong), and what they are taught in seminary. What exactly are the qualifications or qualities we can emulate from this prominent god chosen leader? What can we learn from the process that is explained as how god chose him in the text?

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Numbers 13-14 is the story of the 12 elders and their report of the land to Moshe and the nation of Yisrael. Of course, you know the story, 10 elders speak lies and give an evil report while only 2 elders speak the truth. What can we learn from this story?

First of all, I think it's important to remind ourselves that all 12 elders started out with the best of intentions. If we look at the odds, only 17% of elders remained faithful to their original calling. We shouldn't be that surprised, Sha'ul said as much to the elders in Ephesus (Acts 20:29-30). There is a big lesson in this. Be careful! There is a tremendous tendency to fall away and say what others want you to say. It's called peer pressure. There is a tremendous capacity to follow the crowd, even if you start out saying the right thing!

Caleb was the hero early on in the story. He bears a lot of the pressure on his own. It isn't until later than Joshua's voice is heard in ...

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Leadership is defined. The qualifications for becoming a spiritual leader is determined.