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    Leaders Assisting in Employees' Moral Issues

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    In what ways can leaders assist employees to deal with moral distress?

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    Moral distress occurs when one knows the ethically correct action to take, but feels powerless to take that action. Research on moral distress among nurses can be explored at: www.nursingworld.org/.../Understanding-Moral-Distress.html

    According to Debra R. Hanna, "In order to differentiate moral distress from psychological, spiritual, or emotional distress, it is important to ask what makes something moral." (Research and Theory for Nursing Practice: An International Journal, Vol. 18, No. 1, 2004, Moral Distress: The State of the Science Debra R. Hanna New York-Presbyterian).

    The author goes on to report a literature review that shows an emphasis on moral distress having four ...

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    This solution discusses ways in which leaders can assist their employees in dealing effectively with moral distress. It discusses certain avenues that the leaders can take to do so and the benefits associated with each strategy, backing the points up with external sources.