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    St. Therese of Lisieux research paper

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    My problem is I have all this information on Therese from different sources, but I am not sure how to go about to actually put this in paper form. I know how to do APA format and all that good stuff, but how do I actually use this information without stocking my paper full of reference info? I am attaching files of the information I have on her as well as some of her work..

    I am NOT asking for you to write my paper for me.. Just give me some pointers on where to start at and what type of flow I need. I have a lot of information in the attached file, but not sure how to turn that into a research paper. You do not need to worry about any formating unless you get information from some other source than what I have provided.

    If you have any questions, please ask...

    *******THE ASSIGNMENT DETAIL*******

    The research paper should include specific writings or recommended works on their life. Two pages of the paper are to be devoted to introducing St. Therese of Lisieux answering the question: Who is she? Three pages or more should be devoted to her writings, significant activities, or other works that contributed richly to the life of the Church. The last three pages or more should be devoted to reflection answering the following questions:

    1. How does this woman's contribution to the Church inspire both women and men today to live out their vocation to holiness and commitment to the Christian life?

    2. What does she teach women how they too can significantly contribute to the life of the Church today?

    There needs to be a 15 minute PPT presentation for when the paper is presented to class. Please don't worry with the PPT presentation as this is my strength area and I don't need help with this..

    The research paper should be between 8 to 10 double-spaced pages long.

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    I would suggest that you use the information I've given you, as well as your own references and the references I've supplied and come up with a basic 5 paragraph theme that you expand into 8-10 pages. My suggestion would be as follows:

    I. Introduction - Biography, life, and vocational contributions. Humble beginnings, but how did she receive the call?

    II. Discuss here cannoization and why she is one of only three women to receive the honor of Doctor of the Church. See the Pope's message.

    III. What were her major ideas about spirituality? This should be the meat of your paper, and the longest section. Define 3-5 basic tenets of her philosophies and ideas and use quoted examples in this section. Look at her autobiography, see if ...

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