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How can Jesus genealogy be understood? The New Testament presents Jesus as the promised Messiah and use Old Testaments quotations to support that. How can such quotations be explained?

1. Describe the significance of the genealogy of Jesus as recorded in Matthew's Gospel. 2. What does Jesus teach about in His Olivet Discourse and what does He state concerning His return in His Second Advent? (Matthew 24-25) 3. What is the Great Commission Jesus charged His disciples to carry out after His ascension


The prophet Amos spoke out against the injustices of the Northern Kings of Israel. He set the tone for centuries of prophetical figures in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. A central theme of the prophetical tradition is social justice. Read Amos 2:6-16; 5:14-15. Do you think churches have done enough with regard to social inequ


"Jesus taught about true worship in a variety of ways in Matthew 5:13-7:23. (A) Why do you think He described worship in these terms? (B) How might this description of true worship be different than what we usually think about worship today? (C) How can you improve your worship of God today?"

Miracles of Jesus

Select ONE Miracle from EACH Gospel account and answer each of the following: A. Why did you select those miracles? (Give several reasons.) B. Are those miracles still being replicated today? Why or why not?

How to be a scholar

Do you think that it is more fruitful to concentrate on the attempt to understand how people live their lives rather than on the apparently diverse images and concepts that they hold? If so, why? If not, why not?

Can the gospel accounts of the life of Jesus be trusted

Q1: Christians put a lot of emphasis on the life of Jesus, which is reported through four different sacred writings, the gospels of the New Testament. Why do you think the tradition has four different reports on the life of Jesus? Why not just choose the one that is most authoritative? What does the fact that the early Christian

Theological terms are explained.

The medieval said the difference between grace and glory is one of degree, not one of kind. Why does hope look more like â??getting to workâ? rather than â??waiting around?â? Theology Vocabulary. Define the theological terms below. Definitions should be in your own words. 1. Apocalyptic 2. Eschatology/Eschatologica

Morality and spirituality inquiries are provided.

I need help with the following question. Texts I am using Christian Foundations: An Introduction to Faith in Our Time by Kathleen Fischer and Thomas N. Hart Book cover image The Good Life: Where Morality and Spirituality Converge by Richard M. Gula Open menu 1. What is â??spirituality?â? a. Christian spir

The constitution of new life for the early Christians is assessed.

Can you please help me answering the following question? the texts I am using are: Book cover image Christian Foundations: An Introduction to Faith in Our Time by Kathleen Fischer and Thomas N. Hart The Good Life: Where Morality and Spirituality Converge by Richard M. Gula Open menu Read Acts 1-15. Define renew

Define the practice of multitasking.

1. How can/should I counsel suffering people? 2. Is the point of counseling to remove all suffering? Why or why not? 3 In your own words, define the practice of multitasking as presented in theology and counseling. How would one who multitasks and apply Jesus' admonition, "By patience possess your souls"?

What does it mean to be a Christian?

The teacher asked the class: "What does it mean to be a Christian?" The class, made up entirely of Christians, raised their hands. The first student answered: "To be nice." In addition, the other students added "help each other" and "love one another" to the answer, " to be nice." The teacher responded, "So, according to

Theological terms are illustrated.

Theology Vocabulary. Define the theological terms below. They should demonstrate an understanding of the term and its relevance to the course. 1. Beatitudes 2. Beliefs 3. Christ = Messiah 4. Christian Faith 5. Christology 6. Conciliar 7. Conversion = Metanoia 8. Council 9. Council of Nicaea 10. Council of Chalcedon 1

Theological inquiries are presented.

Writing Assignment # 4 Write a short explanation or answer to the following questions. (NOTE: include all three topics within the two page limit): 1. What is the Kingdom of God, or the Reign of God? What is Jesus's connections with the kingdom of God? 2. Why was Jesus killed? 3. What is the significance of His death and

Reviewing the existence of God

1. A personal example of a riddle of existence that causes/caused you to question the existence of God. 2. Your personal conclusion about the existence of God in light of your selected example. 3. If your conclusion about the existence of God is atheistic or agnostic, indicate in your essay the theory that best describes your ex

The Books of Corinthians 1 & 2

Summarize the Corinthians 1 & 2 by identifying and explaining its epistle genre. What is its key theme and main events and personalities?

A Model Christian

Model of Christian faith: Write a 150 word essay on what it takes to be a model of Christian faith. To do theology, you do not have to be a Christian or on Fowler's level four, at least not at this level of theology. Rather, you need to fix in your mind who/what it is that you are trying to understand. In this instance, it is

World Religion: Shinto

Illustration of Shinto art of openness nature and deliberate simplicity. Explain the art in a paragraph.

The New Testament Bible Books

Please help with the following problem. The New Testament contains different books. What is (1) an apocalyptic book, (2) a gospel book, (3) an epistle book , and (4) a narrative book? Please explain.

The Book of Psalms

Your task is to give a summary of the book of Psalms first by identifying and explaining its genre. Then give the key themes, major events, and major personalities.

Jesus' birth and childhood are examined.

Provide an overview of Jesus' birth and childhood, comparing and contrasting the accounts of Matthew and Luke. Which account describes visions of angels as the way God warns Joseph and Mary, and which utilizes dreams? Evaluate the genealogies in each. Can they be harmonized? Why or why not?

The four gospels' portrait of Jesus is discussed.

Each of the four gospels presents a different (but not necessarily conflicting) portrait of Jesus. For Matthew, Jesus is a new Moses, a great teacher who offers a new path to God. For Mark, Jesus is Godâ??s suffering servant and those who follow him should expect to suffer in the same way he did. For Luke, Jesus is a prophet wh

Notes about Roman civilization are provided.

1. What were the most important changes in the structure and organization of the Roman Empire from the reign of Augustus to that of Justinian? 2. What were the most important aspects of the growth of the Catholic Church as an institution in the Roman world? 3. How did Golden Age and Silver Age writers differ? What did the writ

Read Exodus 31:1-11, Matthew 5:12-16, Matthew 22:34-40.

Read Exodus 31:1-11, Matthew 5:12-16, Matthew 22:34-40. At this point in your reading of the material for this course, you should be ready to answer why research methods is godly.These three passages address the notion of using your skills and understanding for Godâ??s purposes, communicating to others Godâ??s testimony in you

Nebuchadnezzar According to the Old Testament

Who was Nebuchadnezzar according to books of the Old Testament where he is mentioned? In which books of the Old testament is he mentioned? What was his life and what were his achievements? Why was he famous? Are there other external sources that talk about him?

Ministry of Jesus in Galilee and Biblical citations

Could you give a list of what is considered the "stories" of the ministry of Jesus in Galilee and also the biblical citations of the stories? What is public ministry of Jesus? What or where is Galilee? Give a detailed outline of Jesus ministry not only in Galilee, but also in Judea and precisely in Jerusalem.