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    1. How can/should I counsel suffering people?
    2. Is the point of counseling to remove all suffering? Why or why not?

    3 In your own words, define the practice of multitasking as presented in theology and counseling. How would one who multitasks and apply Jesus' admonition, "By patience possess your souls"?

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    Counseling suffering people
    - Acknowledging God in all counseling to others.
    - God is the primary healer in all sufferings of all sorts.
    - Knowing that you can build a person from where they are at mentally, emotionally and physically, but you are not the primary healer.
    - Believing that God has appointed you to be a counsel for suffering people, but ensuring that God is acknowledged and praised for his deliverance.
    - Allowing others to see for themselves they are heal based on encouragement and faith.
    Can you counsel suffering ...

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