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Mind mapping

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(1). Explain the process of mind mapping. Mind mapping begins with a project name. Develop a "project name" and potential deliverables to go along with the core "project." Report the project name and the potential deliverables.

(2) What are the three risk dimensions a project team needs to address when assessing for project uncertainties? What are possible sources that can affect project uncertainty?

(3). What are the variables that must be considered when developing a project schedule? Give explanation of how they impact the schedule development.

(4) Multitasking has become the norm in our everyday society. Why is it important for a project manager to be aware of multitasking during a project? Do you think there are benefits to multitasking? Explain your answer

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1. Mind mapping is a brainstorming process to generate new creative ideas, resolve problems and come up with creative solutions for complex issues. The process is as follows: On a large piece of paper, a central image describing the topic to be mapped. In the next step, numerous branches going in outward direction from the central image along with key words representing the central image is drawn. Sub-topics of these keywords written on main branches are created by making additional branches extending from the main branches. The process goes on with more sub-topics and branches being added.

The project name is ERP implementation. The potential deliverable is implementation of organization wide ERP system in the organization that integrates all the departments over a centralized platform along with integration of external users such as vendors and customers of the ...

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Explains the process of mind mapping, risk dimensions in project, development of project schedule, multitasking.