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Rahner's paths in the Mind's Journey to God

Name the paths, according to Rahner's The Soul's (or Mind's) Journey to God.

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As you identify Rahner's paths, it seems like he advocates a transcendental course. This source examines how Rahner's work tends to focus on a transcendental path:

Crowley, P. G. (2010). ENCOUNTERING THE RELIGIOUS OTHER: CHALLENGES TO RAHNER'S TRANSCENDENTAL PROJECT. Theological Studies, 71(3), 567-585. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.

In this article, Crowley strongly maintains that "Rahner's transcendental method could serve as an important tool for entering into interreligious encounter." The article also insinuates that a sort of metaphysical path is proposed by Rahner. I've attached this difficult article as a pdf for you.

Another major path that I feel is exemplified by Rahner deals with dialoguing with God. His work seems to suggest the "the possibility and limits of interreligious dialogue" (http://www.ewtn.com/library/THEOLOGY/FR91302.HTM).

Research also points out, "For Rahner simultaneously takes two paths: a focus on the full range of doctrine and on only the essentials" (http://www.ewtn.com/library/THEOLOGY/FR91302.HTM).

Rahner's dialogical model is also explored here:


Another source for you to infuse comes from the following:

Parlow, S. B. (2008). Personal Transformation in Karl Rahner's Christianity: Constructed by Love. ...

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