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The constitution of new life for the early Christians

Can you please help me answering the following question? the texts I am using are:

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Christian Foundations: An Introduction to Faith in Our Time
by Kathleen Fischer and Thomas N. Hart

The Good Life: Where Morality and Spirituality Converge
by Richard M. Gula
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Read Acts 1-15.
Define renew and what constitutes a new life for the early Christians according to Acts 1-15.
What has changed for the followers of Jesus after his resurrection? What's new?

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The constitute of new life for the early Christian

The book of Acts is also known as the book of the Acts of the Apostles. It is the fifth book of the New Testament and it gives us the true picture of the how the early Christians lead their live. The early Christians are considered to be those Christians who were before the year 325. They centered in Jerusalem and their leaders were James, Peter and John. The early Christians demonstrated a wide range of beliefs which they held to be very special to them (The Early, 2011).
The early Christians shared all things with others and lived as though they were one community. They did not dwell in the worldly things of the flesh but held the understanding that they ...

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The book of Acts is explicated.