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Have churches done enough with regard to social justice?

The prophet Amos spoke out against the injustices of the Northern Kings of Israel. He set the tone for centuries of prophetical figures in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. A central theme of the prophetical tradition is social justice. Read Amos 2:6-16; 5:14-15. Do you think churches have done enough with regard to social inequality, poverty, injustice, and so on? What one issue do you think churches should address today?

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It is important to note that social justice does not happen in a vacuum. Why specifically is God angry with Israel for her injustices? He is angry because when he set Israel up as a nation he set guidelines for how they should treat the poor, disadvantaged, foreigners and servants. His anger is kindled against Israel because their injustice is in direct disobedience to his just guidelines for the nation to follow. Notice chapter 2:4 "Because they rejected the law of the Lord and have not kept His statutes. Their lies also have led them astray, those after which their fathers ...

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This solution looks at the role of churches in fighting for social justice. Have churches done enough in the areas of social justice, inequality, poverty and racism? As this is an opinion question there are no sources to cite. Nearly 400 words of original text.