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Insights on leadership using Paul as an example

Using 1 timothy 3:2-7 what are pauls skills set as per social, moral, mental, personal, domestic (1 tim 3:4), and how about his spiritual maturity (1 tim 3:6 and acts 14:23). use Gal 1:14, Romans 1:14; 2 cor 5:14 to support your explanation.

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This question has such a large scope, it would be helpful to list out exactly what 1 Timothy 3:2-7 says:

blameless (above reproach)
the husband of one wife (not of two more wives)
of good behaviour
given to hospitality
apt to teach
not given to wine
no striker
not greedy of filthy lucre
not a brawler
not covetous
one that ruleth well his own house
having his children in subjection with all gravity
not a novice
have a good report of them which are without

If you want, you can go through each one of these in turn showing how Sha'ul was an exemplary example. Interesting, you might want to highlight some of the "oddities" such as: husband of one wife and having a good report of them which are without. During Sha'ul's ministry, he was clearly unmarried, which raises an interesting question. How come? The most logical answer is that he was a widower. Why do I suggest he was a widower instead of just a single unmarried man? It was customary in Jewish society for a rabbi to be married. To be unmarried was ...

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