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American view of The Bible

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How do most Americans view The Bible, The Historical Jesus, Paul, The Kingdom of God, the protestant/catholic relationship and the role of women in the church, regardless of if they are Christian or not?

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This answer looks to the beliefs about the Bible, Paul, Catholic Protestant relations and the role of women from both a non-Christian and a Christian point of view. The solution includes a variety of website-source links for further investigation of the topic.

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Good morning,
I believe that most people in America are not Bible-believing Christians, so my first answer will be how non-Christians would view these areas:
1. The Bible is a book full of moral stories. It is not historical or accurate. It is not to be understood literally.
2. Most non-Christians would not have heard of Paul.
3. Non-Christians would cite poor protestant/Catholic relationships as a proof of Christians being unloving. (Almost everyone thinks that Christians should be loving.)
4. If the non-Christian knows anything about the role of women in ...

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