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How does the Apostle John present Jesus in his gospel?

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This solution discusses the way that John presents Jesus; it includes John's purpose, key words, and observations regarding John's view of discipleship.

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The Gospel of John
What do you make of the Gospel According to John? What is needed is the substance of the narrative itself. How does John present Jesus (and why?), and how does he understand discipleship? Again, reference the text itself--and discuss its relevance for ministry today.

1. John presents Jesus in light of eternity - He is the one from above. John skips the traditional lineage and speaks to His direct descent from the Father above. John does this to emphasis Jesus as the Son of God.

2. John presents Jesus as a bold proclaimer the coming kingdom. In John 4:26 and John 9: 35-37, Jesus clearly proclaims that He is the Messiah (Silva, 411).

3. John supplies information on Jesus' early ministry in Judea and Samaria (chapters 3 and 4), that are not supplied by the other gospel writers ...

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John, the writer of the gospel of John, presents Jesus different from the synoptic gospels. This solution discusses John's unique understanding of discipleship.

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