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    The rise of Christianity in regards to the Apostle Paul

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    I am trying to come up with an argument and I am getting a little "tongue tied" on how to say my point.

    My thoughts;
    Jesus was a preacher and healer and began his 'movement' after John's execution. Overall Jesus was not special, but he did focus on the poor and weak to spread his message of 'love, worshiping only on God'. And eventually he became a nusiance to the Romans and to the Jewish priest, and he was executed. What makes Jesus special is that his messages didn't die when he was executed, like most preachers, his message was spread through out the empire by Saul of Tarsus, aka: Apostle Paul.

    Now, my set up,

    Paul was the only Apostle who never met Jesus.
    Paul felt that anyone could be a christian, and not be circumsized which was what Jesus had said had to be done.
    Paul felt that Jesus messages were "universal', transcended to all.
    When Paul writes his Epistles in the New Testament he never mentions Jesus but Christ (which is Greek for Christo which means Messiah).

    So for example,
    Elvis Presley was the King of Rock and Roll, but it was the Beatles that help spread a different form of Rock and Roll after Elvis.

    So my point is (I guess)
    Even though Jesus was the messanger (after John) of a new god and values, if it wasn't for Apostle Paul the message would never have transcended and be a religion that it is today, even though Paul was different with the message.

    My Question;

    Am I right in my correlation, and in my argument? My problem is that I am having a difficult time sorting out how to word and put my argument in order and if I am on target.

    Is there anyone who can help me?????

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    Essentially what you are trying to discuss is the "Gentilization" or "secularization" of what was originally a Jewish ideology. I don't have any problems with your opening statement - you are trying to focus on the vehicle of delivery more so than the message itself. The vehicle you have chosen is Paul/Saul - but you may want to acknowledge that the compiliation of "letters" that we have in the New Testament is the "canonized" version and that it is a particularly limited dataset - so I would include some reserach into the ...