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    Council of Jerusalem

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    The Church's first Council (Conference, pp. 297-298) revealed some differences in ideas of ministry and mission between Paul and the Church in Jerusalem. What were some of those differences and do you think that the early church's experience in dealing with these differences can be helpful for dealing with differences in the church today?

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    The best response to this question is actually found directly in Acts 15, which gives an account of the council. The attached reading gives a good summary, so my advice as far as answering this question is a careful reading of the Acts passage. The reading you have included makes it clear the issue is circumcision, but really that's the superficial sticking point, so to speak. The deeper question is the identity of Christianity in relationship to Judaism. When non-Jews convert, what do we do with them? The route from Judaism to Christianity is straightforward and easy. Christianity began among the Jews. But with the expansion of the church, suddenly there are Gentiles coming into the ...

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    This is a brief description of some of the issues underlying the Council of Jerusalem described in Acts 15.