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General features of Place myth and Jerusalem

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Can you read the attached and show how it illustrates the various general features of Place myth? Describe the myth in your own words, the "myth" from the attached reading about Jerusalem.

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When analyzing the first chapter of Lamentations, it is important to understand the context in which it was written. The prophet Jeremiah wrote Lamentations after the Babylonian invasion of Judah; specifically, after the destruction of Jerusalem including the destruction of the Temple. This was a catastrophic judgment brought upon the Jewish people for their rebellious attitudes against YHWH, their Creator and against each other as members of the society.

Jerusalem was the capital of Judah since the days of David, approximately 400 years earlier. Its importance to Israel cannot be overstated. It was not just a capital city; it was the chosen capital city of Israel, chosen by YHWH himself, a place that he chose to place his name there. It was the city wherein he chose to dwell, a place where the Ark of the Covenant rested from the days of David. It was the city in which Solomon built the great First Temple, a place where prophets spoke the words of YHWH, a place where the Torah was read and taught, a place where the Israelites made their three pilgrimage feasts year by year. It was the city of scholars as well as the city of widows. It was the center of the universe on earth for Israel.

All of this came to an abrupt halt with the Babylonian destruction. This is the meaning behind Jeremiah's cry in the verse ...

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I need help getting started.

I am a teacher of Judaism. My students range from ages 9 to 14. My job is to teach Judaism to these children on the following topics:

Relationship with God/Torah
Old Testament History
Ten Commandments
The Nation of Israel
Different Sects of Judaism
The Holocaust
Sacred Practices and /or hoildays
Judaism Today

Each topic should include at least see sentences relating to the topic.

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