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    Beauty, Truth, and the Good

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    We are attracted to beautiful people and things, but they cannot completely satisfy our hunger for beauty. We want to know what's true about ourselves and the world around us, but answers always lead to new questions, because we hunger not just for facts, but for Truth itself. We love the good, seek it out, try to do what is good, and want to be good, but we never seem to have enough because what we crave is Goodness itself. We are drawn to the infinite: not just beautiful things, but Beauty itself; not just true facts, but Truth itself; not just good things and experiences, but Goodness itself. Beauty, Truth and the Good are infinite, so our hunger for them is a hunger for the Infinite. For Christians, the name we give to infinite Beauty, Truth and Goodness is God. This hunger for the infinite is just the way we are - it is our nature. We have a natural (built in) openness to the Infinite/God. Could this be what Saint Augustine meant when he wrote, "Our hearts are restless, until they rest in Thee, O Lord."? What signs do you see that human beings have such a natural openness to God? What do you think?

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    How people show their openness to God is a very interesting question. It will obviously be different ways for each individual. People are naturally attracted to things that are good, beautiful, or just nice all around. But are we not attracted to bad things as well. Even in the church a bad rumor or juicy rumor will spread faster than some good news. If you look around you can ...

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    The expert examines beauty, truth and the goods. The name we give to infinite beauty for Christians are determined.