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Writing Assignment # 4
Write a short explanation or answer to the following questions. (NOTE: include all three topics within the two page limit):
1. What is the Kingdom of God, or the Reign of God? What is Jesus's connections with the kingdom of God?
2. Why was Jesus killed?
3. What is the significance of His death and His resurrection?

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In this solution theological inquireis are presented on the kingdom of God, and the death and ressurection of Jesus.

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1. What is the Kingdom of God or the Reign of God? What are Jesus' connections with the kingdom of God?

(a) The kingdom of God indicates a blessed state of glory that believers would inherit as foretold in the Old Testaments. The kingdom of God was a high expectation of the prophets. The Bible refers to the Kingdom of God in all three gospels." John preached of the expected hope for a kingdom at hand (Jn. 1:1). Jesus preached of the kingdom of God (Matt. 4:17; MK. 1:15). Matthew also uses the term "Kingdom of heaven" to refer to God's kingdom. According to Vandrunen (2007) an aspect of this vision is that the Kingdom of God is extended to every aspect of life in the original creation, and a new creation is being restored in the kingdom of God.

(b) Jesus is connected to the Kingdom of God based on the belief that God created all things, all things eventually fell into sin, and God will redeem fallen humanity through Jesus Christ. Jesus emphasized that the Kingdom of God is within and among people (Lk. 17: ...

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