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    Brief Review on Christianity

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    1. Give and account of Christ like living from 1st Peter 1.

    2. How do we live as God's people? 1st Peter 2.

    3. How do we live in right relationship? 1st Peter 3.

    4. How do we serve God? 1st Peter 4.

    5. Describe Christian growth based on 2nd Peter.

    6. Benefits of Salvation from Sin Romans 5.

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    1. Give and account of Christ like living from 1st Peter 1.

    Christ-like living includes a complete separation from the world and to lead a lifestyle of holiness within the present world system. A Christian is to be sober minded, free from drunkenness, and to place their focus, and faith on Jesus Christ. Through faith, a Christian accepts salvation. Salvation is Gods protection from His wrath during the last days. Once a person accepts Jesus Christ as his/her personal savior, he/she is now born again, saved from the wrath of God's anger from sin which includes eternal damnation. A Christian is now entitled to eternal life and is given the opportunity to do the perfect will of God. An individual who is Christ-like is obedient in all things Godly, i.e. doing the will and purpose of God. According to 1st Peter, an individual is not able to fulfill the will of God unless he/she is born again through the inclination of the Holy Spirit, meaning the Holy Spirit is the one who selects the individual of God's divine purpose, for example, in the story of David and Goliath, God selected the most unlikely individual to go up against a giant, as a result of man's fascination with the outward appearance, they completely overlooked David because he was small in stature, however, David had the heart of 10,000 soldiers. David realized that he served a big God, and no matter how big Goliath may have been, David placed his faith in God that David would have the victory over that situation. In essence, that is the way and belief of a Christian, to know that all things are possible through Christ Jesus. Everyone is able to partake in the free gift of accepting Jesus Christ into their heart. An individual who is committed to a Christ-like lifestyle must endure certain trials and tribulations that arise in order to test ones faith. For instance, Richard Wurmbrand (an ex-atheist) was a born again Christian, that dealt with the
    harshness of communist prisons because he refused to compromise his beliefs in Christ and continued to fulfill God's purpose, i.e. to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. To be a ...