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    Cognitive Psychology

    Cognitive Processes Involved in Problem Solving

    Please help with analyzing the cognitive processes involved in problem solving. Here is a reference you can use: Hey, J. D., & Lotito, G. (2009, February). Naive, resolute or sophisticated? A study of dynamic decision making. Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 38(1), 1.

    Heads-up Display

    Several years ago, some vehicle models came with a heads-up display (HUD). Instead of looking down at a panel on the dashboard, speed, distance traveled, fuel level, and time appeared to be displayed over the hood of the car. Discuss this design in terms of divided attention and attentional blink. Do you think the design was a g

    Attentional Blink can affect occupations.

    Present and discuss at least three occupations in which workers' performance could be adversely affected by attentional blink. Identify and explain the types of problems or mistakes that might occur in such occupations due to the attentional blink.

    Cognitive Process

    Can someone help me with a brief description of one cognitive process (perception, memory, learning, attention, intelligence, emotion) as well as explain how social and cultural factors might affect that cognitive process?

    Sexual Knowledge and Technology

    How have advances in sexual knowledge and technology facilitated human sexual expression? [If you would like to focus on a specific group of people (e.g., women, gay men, kinksters, etc.), or a specific sexual complication, you may do so].

    Cognitive Processes

    Explain the purpose of three types of cognitive processes: working memory, long-term memory and memory distortion. Use at least one peer-reviewed study for each selected cognitive process. Summarize your selected studies and evaluate the research methodologies used in them.

    Failures in Deductive and Inductive Reasoning

    Describe a brief description of one failure of deductive reasoning and one failure of inductive reasoning that was observed or experienced in the past week or so. Then, within the examples provided, explain the impediments (e.g., heuristic, bias, etc.) to each process (deductive and inductive), and suggest methods or technique

    Fallacies which Result in Faulty Decisions

    What are some common fallacies, errors, heuristics, and/or biases that result in faulty decisions? What impacts negative and errors in decision making? In addition what are the strengths of heuristics and other decision-making strategies? Please be as detailed as possible with examples to make things clear.

    Evolution of Cognitive Psychology

    In dealing with cognitive psychology I need assistance with: - Defining cognition - Explaining the interdisciplinary perspective in relation to cognitive psychology - Describing the emergence of cognitive psychology as a discipline - Assessing the impact of the decline of behaviorism on the discipline of cognitive psychology

    Creativity and Insight

    What is creativity? Next, describe a problem (personal or historical) in which creativity or insight could or could have been applied to bring about a solution or a better solution. Then, briefly describe one or two creative solutions to the problem.

    Cognitive Processes and the Regulation of Emotional Responses

    How can cognitive processes influence the regulation of emotional responses. Explain the influence of appraisal on emotional responses. Provide an example of a conscious cognitive process and an example of an unconscious cognitive process. Explain how each influence emotion.

    Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence

    The original question: "Can someone help condense the definition of intelligence, including the main components of intelligence as well as a discussed position as to whether or not emotional intelligence is an accurate measure of intelligence."

    Optimal Decision-Making

    The question: "I would like to consider the question of optimal decision making in terms of making decision between two or more alternatives and the nature of two impediments faced in making the decision. Also, what are two common impediments to making optimal decision?"

    Plato and Aristotle's Perspectives on True Knowledge

    Plato and Aristotle both believed in the concept of true knowledge. The routes of obtaining true knowledge that were described by these two philosophers were dramatically different. Please help explain their perspectives and theories regarding true knowledge.

    Teaching and Learning Issues within a Cognitive Context

    Choose two of the current topics in education and address how you can use your knowledge of the cognitive processes to create innovative teaching-learning strategies for the following types of learners: The distressed/stressed learner Poverty, homelessness, and hunger effect education Autism/ADHD.

    Theories of Concept Representation

    Identify and describe one of the three major theories of concept representation: defining-features, probabilistic, or theory-based. What is the mechanism of conceptual development in your chosen theory? Provide an example that illustrates the mechanisms of your chosen theory. How would a child likely respond to a given scenario

    Flashbulb Memories: Why We Remember Emotionally Charged Moments

    Why can you remember what you were doing when catastrophes occurred, such as the terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11, the Challenger disaster, or the assassination of John F. Kennedy? Please provide a 200 word response to the question above

    specific culture that might interesting to further research.

    Can someone help me with a brief description of two topics related to a specific culture that might be interesting to further research. Also, as a future scholar-practitioner, I need to explain two ways that might impact social change in relation to culture and psychology as well as be specific in using examples to illustrate yo

    Letter of representation

    Leslie Morgan, CPA, has prepared a letter of representation for the president and controller to sign. It contains references to the following items: 1. Inventory is fairly stated at the lower of cost or market and includes no obsolete items. 2. All actual and contingent liabilities are properly included in the financial stat

    What is the definition of creativity?

    What is the definition of creativity? Describe a problem (personal or historical) in which creativity or insight could have been applied to bringing about a solution or a better solution. Briefly describe one or two creative solutions to the problem.

    Effective Problem Solving Cycles

    Give a description of some general barriers to solving problems effectively. Then, using your knowledge of problem solving, explain how you would solve a specific, real-world problem. Make sure to identify the structure of the problem, the impediments to solving the problem, the important steps in the problem-solving cycle that

    What is Chromosthesia?

    One of the rarest and most interesting variants of Synesthesia is known as Chromesthesia (aka "colored hearing"). In this unusual sensory anomaly, a person will see colors when hearing musical notes. Is the sensory defect of Chromesthesia a scientifically measurable condition and might it be a beneficial condition for musical ar

    Procedural vs. Declarative Knowledge

    Give an example of procedural knowledge and of declarative knowledge. Then, explain why knowing this distinction is relevant to cognition. Finally, explain the implications of this distinction for learning and teaching. That is, how can this distinction be used to enhance learning?

    The Dark Adaptation Phenomena

    How can the dark adaptation phenomena explain an everyday event and how can this phenomenon have serious consequences to the health and safety of oneself and others?