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Estes' Models in Media Advertisements and Education

Consider William K. Estes. Analyze the modern-day relevancy of the models, such as in media advertisements or education.

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I have read Estes in the past.

Really, it is a fairly simple model. A good summary can be found in the following two sources:

His model of memory and learning looks like this:

He is responding to the old, behavioralist model that makes a simple correlation between a stimulus and response.
Let's say that we've trained students to recall the color red when a bell is rung.
The simple assumption is that the students think of "red" when they hear the bell.
Estes claims that the assumption is too simple on two specific points:

1. The stimulus of ringing the bell cannot be taken in isolation. The bell might be contextualized in a certain environment. It's not just the bell ringing, but the classroom or laboratory where the experiment is done. There may be lots of things in the room that might help students remember the color red when the bell is rung.

2. The other point is that the method of remembering the correct ...

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Estes' models in media advertisements and education is examined.