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Cognitive Psychology

Gender related cognitive abilities

Journal articles (professional) suggestions REQUIRED that include gender related cognitive issues. Report on an understanding of the gender related cognitive abilities. Look for flaws and strengths in specific examples and applications.


How are the problems of ambiguity in understanding language similar or different to the problems of ambiguity in other perceptual processes that that has bee3n discussed such as a prevasive challege comprehension, speech perceptionrepresenting meaning, structural ambiguity, reading and language

Making decisions - Sequence of Gambles

Sequence of Gambles Consider the choice among pairs of casino gambles that are the staple of the most basic studies of decision making then think about an important personal decision how good is the analogy between gambling choice and your decision situation. Is life really a sequence of gambles? a. Identify the

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Please help me with the following: a. Define, in your own words, your understanding of emotional intelligence. b. Give two examples. c. From the reference of your choice, provide theoretical support for the two examples.

Models of Intelligence - Sternberg, Spearman, and Gardner

Explain the major points of the Sternberg, Spearman, and Gardner models of intelligence. Discuss specific similarities and differences from one model to another. Discuss which model appears to be the most comprehensive model of intellectual functioning and why. Defend your answer with data from the text and other sources, not pe


I need help and ideas for these questions. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you. QUESTIONS: How bad of an injury would cause a hemianopsia? Would it depend on the object that was inflected upon the eye? Is there any form of surgery that could correct the problem or is this something that is life long? Is hemia

Kasparov and Deep Blue

Considering the fact that Kasparov, a well-known Russian Chess Master, was able to defeat Deep Blue, a computer that was able to process 500,000 chess moves per second, how is it possible that a human being can rival the capabilities of most modern computers? Explain your answer.

Why is cognitive functioning crucial to everyday existence?

Why is cognitive functioning crucial to everyday existence, and How does cognitive functioning enhance diversity? I am using the text: Cognition: The Thinking Animal, 3e ISBN: 0131736884 Author: Daniel Willingham copyright ?2007 Prentice Hall, Inc. A Pearson Education Company

Principle of Operant Conditioning

Explain the principles of operant conditioning. Clarify the differences among positive reinforcers, negative reinforcers,punishment and primary and secondary reinforcers. Give example of all.

Rewards vs reinforcers

I was told that a reinforcer in classical conditioning can be an aversive stimulus which is hardly a reward at all. In instrumental conditioning, Skinnerians were also against equating a reinforcer and a reward. Skinner believed that a reinforcer strengthened any behavior that immediately came before the introduction of the rein

Psychology's Early Schools and theorists

Identify and briefly describe the four "Psychology's Early Schools" and who is associated with each. Choose one to explain in detail. How did this school contribute to the modern development of psychology? Define classical conditioning and instrumental conditioning. Please give an example of both types of conditioning.

Cognitive Functions - Phineas Gage

Explain the role of the brain in cognitive functions. Part of the explanation, describe what Phineas Gage's accident revealed about how brain areas support cognitive function. Please note this needs to include a description of the accident and its effect, but must also include the knowledge gained about brain functions involved

Defining Cognitive Psychology as a Discipline

Defining cognitive psychology - addressing the following: 1. Four key milestones in the development of psychology as a discipline 2. Importance of behavioral observation in cognitive psychology Minimum of two peer reviewed sources.

Ideas for a reasoning paper are generated.

This job reflects upon a challenging experience that you have encountered in either a professional or personal environment that involved significant "thinking through" or reasoning. This job contains the following elements: a. Describe the attitudes and assumptions that the "subject" brought into the selected experience. I

Cognitive, Biological and Psychosocial Theories

ASSIGNMENT: Observe a child between ages 2 to 9. Record my observations and then develop a summary from a biological, cognitive, and psychosocial point of view. I spent two hours sitting near a public playground and made the following observations. Would you make some suggestions on how to approach this assignment once you have

Psychologist, Professional Specialist

This developmental program is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the realities of applying psychological research to practical human resource issues and concerns in a large complex quasi agency with more than 700,000 employees. Through their work and assignments, you have the opportunity to influence human reso

One of the Five Senses and Sensory System

One of the games the Product Development team is proposing has to do with sensation and perception in preschool learning. They are running experiments which they plan to adapt in their education games and toys. Describe a specific example of a sense and describe how it can be perceived in different ways. In your response, e

Function of the Frontal Lobes of the Brain

Since one quarter of the brain is occupied by frontal lobe, critically evaluate your answer in relation to how "The frontal lobes have more than one function". Discuss, illustrating your answer with reference to at least two possible roles of the frontal lobes.

Critical Thinking and Logical Fallacies

I need ideas and suggestions to help me get started. Thank you. ASSIGNMENT: Fallacy Summary and Application Paper. Select two logical fallacies from word attachment. Prepare a 700 -1,050 - word paper, in which you define each of the two fallacies, explain its significance to critical thinking, and discuss its gener

Cognitive science: neuro science and Philosophy; Thinking and reasoning

Please enlighten me on the major factors which affect reasoning performance, also describe and evaluate the main theoretical accounts of human reasoning performance, distinguishing between logical and non logical and illogical processes in reasoning. What is watson's 4 card selection task and key research findings relating to it