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Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive, Biological and Psychosocial Theories

ASSIGNMENT: Observe a child between ages 2 to 9. Record my observations and then develop a summary from a biological, cognitive, and psychosocial point of view. I spent two hours sitting near a public playground and made the following observations. Would you make some suggestions on how to approach this assignment once you have

Psychologist, Professional Specialist

This developmental program is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the realities of applying psychological research to practical human resource issues and concerns in a large complex quasi agency with more than 700,000 employees. Through their work and assignments, you have the opportunity to influence human reso

One of the Five Senses and Sensory System

One of the games the Product Development team is proposing has to do with sensation and perception in preschool learning. They are running experiments which they plan to adapt in their education games and toys. Describe a specific example of a sense and describe how it can be perceived in different ways. In your response, e

Function of the Frontal Lobes of the Brain

Since one quarter of the brain is occupied by frontal lobe, critically evaluate your answer in relation to how "The frontal lobes have more than one function". Discuss, illustrating your answer with reference to at least two possible roles of the frontal lobes.

Critical Thinking and Logical Fallacies

I need ideas and suggestions to help me get started. Thank you. ASSIGNMENT: Fallacy Summary and Application Paper. Select two logical fallacies from word attachment. Prepare a 700 -1,050 - word paper, in which you define each of the two fallacies, explain its significance to critical thinking, and discuss its gener

Cognitive science: neuro science and Philosophy; Thinking and reasoning

Please enlighten me on the major factors which affect reasoning performance, also describe and evaluate the main theoretical accounts of human reasoning performance, distinguishing between logical and non logical and illogical processes in reasoning. What is watson's 4 card selection task and key research findings relating to it

Cognitive Constructs and Concepts

Using the concepts of causal attribution, self-schemata, self-guides and other related cognitive constructs, explain how has Jane possibly misinterpreted her situation? Jane, a 38-year-old woman, wants therapy, but is afraid to venture outside of her home. She explains that this began shortly after her husband was killed in

Problem Solving

Why is insight not an adequate explanation of problem solving? Provide references.


How is an operant analysis of verbal behavior different from the traditional approach to language?

Cognition, Memory & Biological Theories

Please check the attached file for errors. FROM ATTACHED FILE: 1. Sally is driving her car and talking on her cell phone. Statistically, this behavior has been shown to be quite dangerous and contributes to many automobile accidents. In performing these two tasks simultaneously, Sally uses: ____a. conscious cogniti

Multiple Choice Questions on Thinking and Intelligence

Please see attached file 1. As she moves quietly around the restaurant where she works as a waitress, Alicia finds herself humming in her head the phrase, "Just whistle while you work?" This is an example of a/an: a. Proposition b. prototype c. auditory image d. cognitive schema 2. Chris must sit out the next two

Turing machines and PDP networks

1. Given what you read about Turing machines and PDP networks, what is one main feature that these systems have in common? Also, what is one main difference between these two types of systems?

Parallel-distributed processing network

1. In a parallel-distributed processing network, the word "banana" is represented as what? Is it a particular node in the network, a neural activity in a particular part of the cerebral cortex, a particular activation pattern in the network as a whole, OR a mental (pictorial) representation of a real banana? 2. In the term pa

What is the distinction between deductive and inductive reasoning?

What is the distinction between deductive and inductive reasoning? How can we differentiate between the two cognitive processes? What do we look for? Please provide several key points of distinction between the two concepts, including a detailed discussion on each point.

Consciousness is explored.

Define what consciousness is. Can we ever explain consciousness? Is consciousness linguistically eliminated? These areas are emphasized.