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What are schemas? How do they help you to deal with the world? How might they be detrimental?

Need three peer reviewed references. Thank you!

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1. What are schemas?

According to Mayer (2003), a schema has four components:

? General: A schema may be used in a wide variety of situations as a framework for understanding incoming information.
? Knowledge: A schema exists in memory as something that a person knows.
? Structure: A schema is organized around a theme.
? Comprehension: A schema contains "slots" that are filled by specific information in the text. (Mayer, 2003, p. 77)

The concept of schema was coined by Piaget, who proposed that human beings develop intellectually through active interaction with the world through a series of qualitative stages constructing their understanding of the world in a mental framework, referred to as a schema. In this sense, a schema is an intellectual representative of a specific physical or mental action at a certain point in time. For example, as a child develops, she has a tendency to interpret new information based on previous schema, information she already knows-what her schema tells her. According to Piaget, this process of making her world fit into her present knowledge or schema is called assimilation. If the experience does not fit into her model of knowledge, she begins to modify her existing schema, which Piaget called accommodation (Robb, 2000).

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