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Knowledge Theories in Professional Development

1. What challenges can one face in the course of their professional lives when encountering the diversity of approaches to knowledge?

2. How does one address the problems in question # 1?

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Knowledge Approaches in Professional Lives

There are a number of knowledge approaches that one can utilise and use academically, professionally and personally for the purpose of acquisition and utilisation of knowledge to enrich and develop one's skills and capacity and to contribute socially to the needs of the one's groups (family, workplace, community) and society. With a bevy of choices (cognitivism, pragmatism, realism, constructivism, etc.), the professional has a range of knowledge approaches to choose from. And this is where the challenge lies ...

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The solution is a 514-word APA format essay which is divided in 2 parts. Part 1 tackles the challenges faced by individuals in their professional lives in terms of approaches to knowledge. Part 2 addresses the problems in part 1, particularly in managing the varied approaches to knowledge creation as it relates to professional performance. Knowledge theories and approaches are also included in the narrative. References, all web-based are listed.