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Visual ambiguities - Cognitive psychology

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1. What are visual ambiguities?
2. Why did they present a challenge for early vision theorists?

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This solution explains the concept of visual ambiguities, and why they presented a challenge for early vision theorists. References are provided.

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1. What are visual ambiguities? Why did they present a challenge for early vision theorists?

Vision perception is "ambiguous and visual arts play with these ambiguities (Mamassian, 2008, abstract).
These visual ambiguities have to do with the retinal images, and are difficult to explain. "While perceptual ambiguities are resolved with prior constraints, artistic ambiguities are resolved by conventions" (Mamassian, 2008, abstract).

For example, one visual ambiguity is the which is characterized by visually perceived images that differ from objective reality. These visual ambiguities come in three main types: literal optical illusions where images are created that are different from the objects that make them, physiological ones are created when the eyes and brain have excessive stimulation (tilt, brightness, color or movement), and cognitive illusions ...

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